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Our ministry has been up and running officially for five months now.  We have had several clinic workers each month contact us, wanting out of the abortion industry.  At one point, we had three workers from one clinic.  Exoduses like this absolutely cripple
abortion facilities.
Most abortion clinics don't have many employees. Bigger ones do, but some clinics consist of just a doctor and a nurse.  Like any other business, the abortion industry suffers when employees leave.
There are about 650 abortion clinics in the country. If we estimate an average of about five employees per facility, we can assume there are currently about 3,300 abortion clinic employees in the United States.
At this point, And Then There Were None has had THIRTY FOUR workers come out and leave the industry with conversions on the issue of life. Remember, ATTWN officially launched in June… And already, we estimate that we have had 1% of the industry come to us! This is just the tip of the iceberg!!!
We are currently working with two abortionists.  We have new workers calling us literally every week.   This 1% represents a new trend.  Abortion workers are leaving, and they are taking their friends with them.  These FORMER workers are now reaching into the same clinics where they once worked.  They are sharing their new found joy with their friends still trapped in the industry.
We couldn't do any of this without you.  Thank you so much for your confidence in this ministry.  We are changing lives…and bringing down the abortion industry…on worker at a time.
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  1. LG
    Posted April 11, 2013 at 10:44 pm | Permalink

    Your ministry is the answer to my prayers. I didnt know what I could do to help. I need to do something. I saw your page and immediately knew that is was the answer to my prayers! I have several hours a day free and have been praying as to how I can help stop abortion. I will email you a more detailed letter soon. But please just know that I am elated, overjoyed at finding your ministry! ATTWN is the answer to my prayers!! You have a new friend and partner in California! God Bless You!!! xox ~L in CA

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